Onderhoud automatische transmissies

Automatic gearbox oil changing or flushing?

Up till a few years ago the oil of automatic gearboxes was changed rarely, the manufacturers did not prescribe this and said gearboxes had "life-time" oil.

Based on experience we can say that  oil in time will lose some of its properties and get poluted, and the fact that gearboxes are becoming more complex and get more shifts which are sensitive to poluted oil made manufacturers advise to refresh oil after 60.000KM. And based on our experience, even if there's no prescribed deadline to change the oil and filter we advise to do so every 60.0000 till 80.000km or every two to three years.


Due to how automatic gearboxes are build when you refresh a gearbox's oil normally only about 60 percent of the oil is changed, old oil remains in the hydrolic valves and the torque converter among other parts. If you flush the gearbox as much as 90 percent of the oil is replaced , it goes without saying this is better. At Ganzeboom we also replace the filter, if possible, when we flush a gearbox. 

When there really is a problem in the gearbox, refreshing or flushing oil is ofcourse not a permanent solution. Sometimes there'll be a temporary improvement, but due to how the oil works it can also cause deterioration in gearboxes with excessive wear and tear. In such cases we can often come to a solution after consultation with you to rebuild the gearbox, on which you receive one year of warranty. 

There's one undeniable fact, if you change the oil in a timely manner you run less of a risk of your gearbox breaking down.

For a relative small fee to replace the filter and changing or flushing the oil in the transmission one can prevent an expensive repair. Gearbox filters, gaskets and the right oil can be delivered by Ganzeboom out of stock, and if so desired can be assembled by Ganzeboom.

Software maintenance

One can also read out error codes, reset adaption values and execute software updates as maintenance, this ofcourse can be done by Ganzeboom as well.

Extra transmissioncooler

To high temperature is often a reason for gearboxes breaking down prematurelly. This can be caused by to little or bad oil, a poluted oil cooler or due to to much strain at high temperatures, for example think of pulling a caravan in the mountains. We can often replace poluted coolers, clean them or increase their cooling capacity by mounting another cooler.


It is suggested to refresh oil after 60.000KM or every 2 years.

Ganzeboom can also read out error codes, reset adaptation values and apply software updates.

To prolongue the life span as much as possible it is suggested to consider adding another transmission cooler. Research shows thirty percent of all transmissions break due to overheating.