Torque converters

Due to our years of experience we can guarentee quality, speed and service. Our qualified employees use the newest equipment and make sure every torque converter is computer balanced after rebuilding.

In addition to supplying transmission parts, Ganzeboom offers an in-house torque converter service. Thanks to many years` experience we can guarantee quality, speed and service. Our qualified staff operate state-of-the-art equipment and assure that every converter is computer balanced upon servicing. Ganzeboom is a member of the Torque Converter Rebuilding Association (TCRA), a professional organization dedicated to ongoing improvement of the level of expertise at which torque converter rebuilders operate.


Technical bulletin Mercedes converters

Important installation notice to prevent premature failure. Make sure the transmission and valve body are in good condition. Pessure regulator valve, TCC/valve and lubrication valve are known for wear. In general at 100.000 KM or more the valve body should be rebuild. Use the proper transmission fluid MB 236.14. Reset trans adapts with diagnostic tool. Perform adaption procedure with diagnostic tool. So far we have seen only the oem scanner can do this.