Ganzeboom Transmissions stands for high-quality gearbox overhaul of both automatic and manual gearboxes. In this specific profession experience and knowledge play an important role and because we have been rebuilding automatic and manual transmissions since 1968 we certainly got experience! In addition, this profession continues to develop continuously and therefore we ensure that our employees are always provided with the latest technical knowledge and tools to perform the profession optimally.

But we do more than just gearbox overhaul. At Ganzeboom transmissions, all parts are carefully examined piece by piece for wear, their operation and damage. In this we combine knowledge, quality and great service to deliver a properly functioning gearbox again. We would be happy to tell you more about the process and costs.

We do more than just gearbox overhaul

General terms and conditions


For a small fee we provide transport of the gearbox, either with our own service or with our regular carrier. Exchange gearboxes ordered until 1:30 p.m. will normally be delivered the next day if in stock. Collection and delivery of cars is also possible!


Ganzeboom Transmissions offers a one-year warranty on complete gearbox overhauls!


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