Maintenance and lifespan

Lubricants and filter renewal
With the introduction of better lubricants car manufacturers give less often intervals for the renewal of oil and filters in automatic transmissions. Based on our experience we do give a recommendation, every 60.000 KM or every other two years! Eventhough lubricants have improved we do notice the oil is often poluted. Renewing the oil and filter, for a relative low price, can prevent an expensive repair. Ganzeboom can deliver transmission filters, gaskets and lubricants from our stock and if desired we can install it aswell. 

Software maintenance

It's also possible have a read-out of error codes, resetting the adaption values and performing software updates. Ofcourse Ganzeboom can do this for you. 


Drive behaviour and load 

Ofcourse the driving behaviour also impacts the lifespan of an automatic transmission; just like other parts of the car the wear and tear is very dependant on the use of the throttle. And towing a caravan or driving with a heavy load also has a huge impact on the lifespan of a transmission.  

Additional transmission cooler
To prolong the lifespan it's wise to consider adding an extra transmission cooler. In 30% of the cases when a transmission breaks down it's due to overheating, research found. Because of this we're most busy during the summers. This is why we advise adding an extra transmission cooler, especially during harsh conditions like towing a trailer or caravan, driving in mountanous areas, during high temperatures or with heavy duty vehicles like campers. 

At Ganzeboom we have various cooler sizes in stock. Installing an additional cooler can be done in any garage, ofcourse also at Ganzeboom. The installation usually takes approximatelly an hour or two, but this is ofcourse also depending on the car make and model.


Cooler for Mercedes

Ganzeboom offers a special coolerkit for Mercedes as an economic and fast solution for a defectuous cooler. Leave the original cooler in place and mount the extra cooler. We supply with quick lock connections for Mercedes 722.6. Available in all cooler sizes.


It is suggested to refresh oil every 60.000KM or every two years.

Ganzeboom can ofcourse read out error codes, reset adaption values and apply software updates for you.

To increase the life span as much as possible one can consider to install an additional transmission cooler. Research has found that 30% of transmissions go defect by overheating.